DVC Deutsche Venture Capital, a leading venture capitalist based in Munich, focuses primarily on European growth companies in the areas of information, telecommunication, semiconductor and industrial technologies as well as life sciences. In the field of life sciences DVC invests in the development of therapeutic and diagnostic products as well as in platform and medical technologies. DVC’s total administrated fund volume amounts to 300 million Euro. For investments in private companies, DVC invests approximately 1 - 10 million Euro as lead investor or, in the case of larger financing rounds, as co-lead investor. DVC is a “value-added” financial investor. Each sector team consists of experienced investment managers with relevant backgrounds. Since its formation in 1998, DVC has invested in approximately 70 companies.

Decisive criteria for the success of a venture are the unique position of a project or technology, the experiences of the management team and the target- and market-oriented business model.

DVC can provide the following:
  • experienced management and highly focused teams of industry experts
  • many years of venture capital experience in domestic and international markets
  • a network of contacts and experience in business development in domestic and international markets
  • flexible approach to capital /multistage financing
  • access to the global network of Deutsche Bank AG
  • partnerships with US venture capital funds